Data Protection Dictionary – Multidisciplinary data privacy and related terms and definitions



“Unique collection of data privacy related terms and definitions for daily practice- A must have for everyone interested or professionally engaged with data protection” 

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Data Protection Dictionary – Multidisciplinary data privacy and related terms and definitions

“The Ultimate daily source for every employee to gain more awareness and a better understanding of data privacy best practices”


Excellent overview for your daily practice

Data Protection has become a topic of growing global concern and a source of many interpretations
related to many laws and regulations. This first initiative to collect used terms and definitions in daily
practices of many data protection professionals is primarily meant to provide for a ‘primary source’
to use for getting introduced to a larger plethora of related terms and definitions from a multidisciplinary
perspective. Data Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Law, IT, Data Security, (Cyber) Security,
Data Science, Compliance and Ethics are at the center of attention. The primary aim of this ‘dictionary
in progress’ is to provide a collection of over 9,500 data protection related multidisciplinary terms and
definitions, structured in alphabetical order, to serve data protection professionals with a single source
of entries for further understanding and research.

FAIR Principles
In compiling this collection we have been guided by the FAIR principles. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable
and Reusable resources were consulted and structured in a chronological order to produce
a ‘substantive source’ that would meet the first needs of data protection professionals and data subjects
who are interested in remits and different meanings and interpretations of data protection related
terms and definitions to acquire a more thorough understanding of key components.

Beyond professional lingua franca
The choice for a multidisciplinary approach has been inspired by profound questions from participants
with different disciplinary backgrounds concerning used terms and definitions during many discussions
with data protection professionals, lectures, public addresses, training courses, discussions and advisory
processes. From these interesting debates the need for clarifying terms and definitions became apparent
as well as the need for a more comprehensive (multidisciplinary approach) of what used to be a
law-centered discipline. Present day understanding of the remits of data protection can simply not do
without contextual phraseology.
With the entry into force of the EU GDPR on 25 May 2018 and many other data protection (related)
laws and regulations across the globe, many companies, institutions or organizations have a duty to
be able to demonstrate that they at least actually dispose of a proper understanding of or at least have
access to the necessary knowledge and expertise regarding all relevant implementation obligations to
implement appropriate measure and actions for which they are hold accountable.

Sourced contextualization
Data protection terms and definitions included in this publication are contextualized at two levels. First at
the level of ‘practical experience’ as a data protection professional experience. With a background as Senior
Data Protection Expert, seasoned Data Protection Officer (DPO), external consultant in the field of privacy
and data protection, data protection auditor and as a data protection law educator and researcher
(Utrecht University (Netherlands), EADPP Professor European Data Protection Law at Jindal Global University
(India), EADPP Professor of European Data Privacy Security law at UNpad (Indonesia) and IMF
Trainer and Coach for Data Protection Officers (recognized by IAPP, US) it might not come as a surprise
that, at least in my view, more attention to the sources of knowledge and contexts is indebted in order to
‘comply with obligations under data protection laws and regulations’.
The second level of contextualization is related to the increasing international body of data protection
laws and regulations, data protection jurisprudence (court decisions), academic researches, discussions
papers, whitepapers, policy papers, strategic notes et cetera.

Ultimately, the editorial board hopes that this ‘primary source of knowledge’ will grow beyond a collection
of ‘must reads’ and will provide material that is interesting to read, and to get familiar with the
broader multidisciplinary contexts of data protection, especially in case of studying ‘open norms’ and
‘vague terms.’


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“A must have for every data privacy and data protection professional”